September Is National Coupon Month

USA Discount Deals, September Is National Coupon Month

Here at USA Discount Deals, we love helping people save money! Our discount deals on toys, beauty supplies and more are one way to save, but there are lots of other ways that you can save money. So, we wanted to wish you all a very happy National Coupon Month!

Believe it or not, National Coupon Month has been around since 1997. The idea behind it was to raise awareness among shoppers about the money they can save by using coupons. 

These days, with print coupons slowly fading away, you might think that the celebration of couponing will have to be retired. Don’t worry! You can now find plenty of digital coupons that you can use both online and in the store. It’s just the latest advancement in the story of couponing.

The History of Coupons

According to RetailMeNot, just about everybody in America uses coupons. (We are guessing that George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Beyonce are among the few exceptions.) They refer to a survey from NCH Marketing Services which indicates that, in a single year, American shoppers saved $3.6 billion by using coupons. 

That’s not a typo – we are saving billions, with a B, every year with our coupons!

So, where did it all start? The folks at RetailMeNot, say it was way back in 1887. That was when, they say, “Coca-Cola distributes what is widely agreed to be the very first coupon, for one free glass of Coke.” 

Charlie Brown, vice president of marketing at NCH, explained that the marketers at Coca-Cola were pretty clever – they gave two free gallons of the soda’s syrup to stores in exchange for a list of the names and addresses of people who lived near the store. Then they would mail what we now think of as a coupon to each of those households offering them a free glass of Coke. 

Of course, the deals you’ll find in our online discount store are so good, you won’t need coupons. But we hope you’ll save lots of money at the grocery store while you celebrate National Coupon Month.